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Mantua Yard Sale!  The annual Mantua Community Yard Sale is Sat, Apr 20, 9am-1pm.  Families will set up in their yards and driveways selling a variety of treasures, trinkets, and all kinds of furniture, sports equipment, baby items, children’s toys/clothes, tools, musical instruments, general household items...and more!  You're bound to find that thing you've been looking for at one of the addresses below:

9119 Glenbrook Rd
9104 Hamilton Dr
9119 Hamilton Dr
9020 Hamilton Dr
9105 Hamilton Dr
3313 Prince William Dr
3824 Prince William Dr
3610 Prince William Dr.
9202 Ponce Pl
9208 Christopher St
9210 Christopher St 
3707 Acosta Rd
3504 Alba Pl
3313 Midland Rd
9006 Colesbury Pl
3310 Mantua Dr
3907 Sandalwood
9324 Tovito Dr.
9327 Tovito Dr.
9218 Santayana Dr.
9205 Santayana Dr
3318 Rocky Mount Rd
3227 Amberley Ln

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Leaf CollectionResults of the recent County survey are posted on this website under Information > Documents > Miscellaneous. 

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